Creating A Research Paper On Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental concern is one of the most talked about topic these days, and rightly so. With issues like climate change, exhaustion of fossil fuels, global warming, melting of ice caps and other such grave environmental hazards being publicised, the common masses are rapidly becoming more and more aware of their environment and that they are slowly losing their grip on it. In an age, where scientific advancements have been largely blamed for the environment’s dying breath, it is nothing but an irony that science and nature are being combined to counteract these effects.

The pioneers of biotechnology

A good research paper on biotechnology is far from being complete, unless the pioneers of the field and their significant contributions to the same are discussed. These include the like of Dr. Marc Van Montagu, Dr. Fraley, Dr. Chilton, Bill Nye, among others, who dared to venture away from the road frequently travelled and, instead, lend their voices for the betterment of the ecosphere. Their theories must also be mentioned in depth and it must also be stated if these theories are still in use or have been rendered redundant.

New innovations in the field

The student must also include a list of all the new and improved biotechnological inventions that have been developed in recent years. These include developments such as the use of solar energy, the accessibility of biodiesel and other such environmental friendly alternatives, using hydel energy to create electricity, and so on and so forth. It must also be noted that their popularity among common masses and the Government’s steps to ensure that its citizens cause the least amount of carbon footprint must also be mentioned.

Global concern

The student must also highlight how biotechnological advancements are being advocated by the global nation for a better tomorrow, such as:

  • Issues like the Paris Accord and the Copenhagen Acord must be stated and elaborated in brief to give the readers a fair idea of what went on in these summits.
  • The annual carbon emissions of different countries, especially the developed nations, who are charged with setting good examples for the ones lagging behind, must also be brought to light.
  • The Millennium goals and how they planned to tackle environmental concerns must also be mentioned.

Personal opinions

It is always welcomed when the students, who will be the ones in charge in the future, show voluntary initiative to tackle these matters. A certain section of the research paper must be dedicated to the student’s own insight into the matter.