Things To Be Aware Of When Writing A Research Paper On KKK

A research paper on KKK needs to include vital details about the organization for it to be considered a good effort. They have a reputation for persecuting people of color during the onset of last century across America. They have also been referred to as white supremacists because of their belief that other races needed to be denied access to America.

Your research paper needs to take cognizance of the fact that the group was founded in the American South around the 1800s. They were in opposition to the republican government across the states in the era of reconstruction. The group faded from the scene and resurfaced in 1915 and was visible again in 1950. They have remained visible to modern day since their last emergence.

The following are vital details you need to come to grasp in your research paper on KKK:

  1. The Inspiration for the Group
  2. What inspired the formation of the group needs to be prominently highlighted to situate their emergence in proper perspective.

  3. Are there Christian influences on the Group’s Beliefs?
  4. The group is known to bandy Bible verses to back up their views and beliefs. You need to understand these views and establish their veracity or otherwise.

  5. The Position of White Hoods
  6. Trace the emergence of white hoods and how it has become a symbol of inequality and racial tension

  7. The Ideology and Methodology
  8. The group's methodology and ideology have been linked to Nazi beliefs. You need an understanding of this as you write your research paper.

  9. The Confederate Flag and its Use
  10. How did the Confederate flag emerge and what were the circumstances that gave rise to it. You need to understand these and situate how people with no affiliation to KKK adopted it

  11. The Foundations of Jim Crow
  12. An understanding of what propelled the passage of Jim Crow by white supremacists forms part of the subject matter of KKK.

  13. Can White Supremacists in Europe Be linked to KKK?
  14. White supremacists have a foothold in Europe and their linkages to KKK need to be explored. Is there a basis for ties and how can this be justified?

  15. The Cry of White Extinction in America
  16. One of the resounding cries of KKK is the notion that whites are disappearing in America. Can this be explained and what is the basis for this assertion?

The KKK has an imprint on American history and evaluation needs to be done to situate their impact properly as a focus of any research paper.